Tony and Amina Cleal of Boatshed Plymouth took a couple of hours off from their busy Plymouth brokerage to find out what happens when a life raft is serviced. Out of date safety equipment is one of those things which regularly crops up on used boat surveys so when the couple realised their Seago 4 man valise liferaft which has thankfully been sitting unused aboard their Sigma 33 for the past 3 years needed servicing they headed off to CE Banyard Ltd in Lostwithiel Cornwall to find out what really is inside a liferaft.

Terry Pope of CE Banyard was ready for the couple and their much travelled sea dog with tons of information and advise. He went through the first part of the procedure for servicing a raft which is to inflate it and thoroughly check it and it's contents. He will then replace anything which needs replacing and repack the raft. Tony has opted to have it put into a canister rather than back in the valise so that it can be stored on deck most of the time to save the hassle of moving it out into the cockpit each time they set off.