This is an online auction website for second hand boats, working in partnership with All transactions are fully secure, transparent and work under standard British Marine Federation guidelines. Auctions run from a Friday to Tuesday every quarter see dates of next auction: (left of home page)

Info for Sellers
The BoatBid auction website works by alerting customers that a boat they have shown interest in is up for auction. You'll be kept up to date with any bids or queries during the auction from your local Boatshed broker. Should an agreement be reached and both Seller and Purchaser are happy, then a sale can proceed via the normal process.

How do I enter my boat into the auction?
1. Please complete this entry form including choosing your reserve price.
2. Marketing: We'll do two targeted E-shots to customers who are looking for a boat like yours. The first when the catalogue goes live and second when the auction starts. This creates massive spikes in viewing interest with potential buyers reviewing your boat pre auction.
3. You'll be kept up to date throughout the auction with any progress with bids and with questions buyers may have.
4. When the auction opens bidding starts. If there are a few buyers bidding for the same boat, all bidders will be notified when a higher bid is placed inviting them to place a higher bid.
5. The winning bidder is the winning bidder whose bid has reached the reserve. This is where the normal boat process kicks in. The buyer will secure the boat with a 10% deposit, sign sales contracts and the boat will go under offer, allowing the buyer to perform their checks and surveys within 21 days.

Info for Bidders
Using BoatBid you can bid with the confidence that any boat can be surveyed and sea trialled before you make the decision to finally buy. All boat sales are handled by a fully trained Yacht Broker, who will handhold you through contracts, details and the buying process. If you are bidding on a boat, when you are out bid, you'll receive notification, allowing you to place a higher bid. All bidders names are confidential. When the BoatBid has finished and you are still the highest bidder which has reached the reserve, you now have 21 days to perform your checks, such as survey.

How can I place a Bid?
Simply login to see all the boats full spec, up to 80 photos and videos that the Boatshed broker has taken. Give the broker a call who is dealing with the boat, plus has taken all the photos and listed the inventory as they have seen the boat first hand and will be able to talk to you about any queries you may have, or better still make an appointment to view the boat.

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How can I enter my boat into the auction?
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